Article I

The name of this scion shall be the The Three Garridebs.

Article II

Its purpose shall be the study of the Sacred Writings.

Article III

All persons shall be eligible for membership who meet the specifications set by the officers of the Society, and who are considered otherwise suitable.

Article IV

Honourary memberships shall be conferred upon anyone copying by hand the Encyclopaedia Brittanica at the offices on 7 Pope's Court, Fleet Street, or to anyone who can locate and produce a third Garrideb.

Article V

The officers shall be:

a Howard Garrideb
a John Garrideb
a Nathan Garrideb, and
an Alexander Hamilton Garrideb.

Their duties shall be those set by the officers.

Article V 1/2

Other officers may be appointed as deemed necessary, provided that their duties do not conflict with those of the above named officers.

1)  Meetings shall be held periodically, at which time the Canonical toasts shall be drunk to:
A)  Mr. Mycroft Holmes
B)  Dr. Lysander Starr
C)  "The best and wisest man I have ever known", and
D)  Dr. Watson's First Wife.  (Note:  If Trevor Hall or a direct descendant of Henry VIIIth be present, further toasts shall be drunk to:
1)  Dr. Watson's Second Wife,
2)  Dr. Watson's Third Wife,
3)  Dr. Watson's Fourth Wife, and
4)  Dr. Watson's Fifth Wife.)

2)  If a distinguished person be present, a suitable Canonical toast shall be drunk to an unsuitable Canonical character.
3)  Amendments to the Constitution and Buy-Laws must be proposed by at least one member, not in communication with any other member, two days after the voting on such amendment.
4)  Amendments may be adopted only after the approval of 98.6% of all members, and no later than four weeks before the proposal of said amendment.
5)  Amendments to the Constitution and Buy-Laws are to be discouraged.