Our oldest award is The Two-Shilling Award.  The certificate given to the recipient describes the award as for  "remarkable contributions to Sherlockian scholarship," for "exhibiting those qualities so exemplified by Dr. Watson" and for "tireless dedication to the continued well-being and growth of the Three Garridebs."

5/20/83       Bruce  Kennedy
5/17/85       William  Schweickert                                 
6/13/86       Robert Thomalen                                   
5/12/89       James  Cleary

In 1994, the name of this award was changed to The Robert E. Thomalen Two-Shilling Award.

5/22/94Stephen Tolins
5/21/95Warren Randall
7/19/98Joseph Moran
7/22/07Greg Darak
7/21/08Laurie Manifold
7/19/09Arthur L. Levine
7/17/11Sue Vizoskie
7/22/19Ben Vizoskie

For several years, Garridebs have been honored to receive a letter in recognition of services to the memory of the Master.  The letter is signed V.R.  Our records for this honor are incomplete.  We would be glad to hear of any omissions from the following list. 

6/03/88Harry Pellegrin
5/12/89Richard Wingate
5/19/90Dante Torrese
5/17/91Warren Randall
5/02/92Susan and Ben Vizoskie
5/16/93William Nadel
5/22/94Linda Spessotti
5/21/95Jane Hinckley
7/21/96Vicki Liccardi
7/20/97Robert Thomalen
7/19/98Steve Tolins   
7/18/99Adele and Jim Cleary    
7/16/00Ted Friedman
7/15/01Ron Fish
7/21/02Laurie Fraser Manifold
7/13/03Carol Fish
7/17/05Paul Astle
7/09/06Jeff Bradway
7/22/07Will Walsh
7/20/08Margaret Fleesak
7/19/09Warren Randall
7/18/10Richard Wein
7/17/11Anthony Czarnecki
7/22/12Laurie Fraser Manifold
7/21/13Troy Reynolds
7/20/14Greg Darak
7/26/15Leonard Poggiali
7/22/18Lorraine & Anthony Czarnecki

Our oldest literary award, the Georgia Amick Award for scholarly excellence, is given for the best paper of this type delivered at a Three Garridebs meeting during the year.  This award was instituted in 1991. Since 1994, the award has been a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a blue and mouse-colored ribbon.

5/17/91Robert N. Brodie
5/02/92Ted Friedman
5/16/93Ben Vizoskie
5/22/94Joseph Moran
5/21/95Ted Friedman
7/21/96Greg Darak
7/20/97Joseph Moran
7/19/98Paul Astle
7/18/99Robert Carver
7/16/00Susan Vizoskie
7/15/01Jeff Bradway
7/21/02Lynn Walker
7/13/03Jeff Bradway
7/18/04Bud Livingston
7/17/05Laurie Fraser Manifold
7/09/06Michael Pollak
7/22/07Greg Darak
7/20/08Susan Vizoskie
7/19/09Mike Riezenman
7/18/10Glorya Wachs
7/17/11Cynthia Poindexter
7/22/12Anthony Czarnecki
7/21/13Len Poggiali
7/20/14Len Poggiali
7/26/15Greg Darak
7/31/16Anthony Czarnecki
7/22/18Paul Astle (for 2016-17)
7/22/18Paul Astle (for 2017-18)

In 1994, several new awards were instituted. The Robert N. Brodie Award is given for the best toast offered at a Three Garridebs meeting during the year.  The award is a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a purple ribbon.

5/22/94Lynn Willis
5/21/95William  Schweickert
7/21/96Joe Fink
7/20/97Sandy Kozinn
7/19/98Pasquale Accardo
7/18/99Al Gregory
7/16/00Robert Carver
7/15/01Greg Darak
7/21/02Charlotte Rodziewicz
7/13/03Margaret Fleesak
7/18/04Richard Wein
7/17/05Dante Torrese
7/09/06Durahn Taylor
7/22/07Charlotte Rodziewicz
7/20/08Greg Darak
7/19/09Sabina Hollis
7/18/10Angela Williams & Ian Dunford
7/17/11Elyse Locurto
7/22/12Warren Randall
7/21/13Sandy Kozinn
7/20/14Paul Astle
7/26/15Ron Fish
7/31/16Ira Brad Matetsky
7/22/18Len Poggiali (for 2016-17)
7/22/18Greg Darak (for 2017-18)

The William P. Schweickert Fellowship Award is given to the person exhibiting the qualities of Sherlockian fellowship and gentle(wo)manly conduct exemplified by  the man in whose honor this award is named. This award is a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a blue ribbon.

5/22/94James  Cleary
7/21/96Eleanor  Schweickert
7/19/98Susan  Vizoskie
7/18/99Linda  Spessotti
7/21/02Will Walsh
7/17/05Sandy Kozinn
7/09/06Warren Randall
7/22/07Joe Moran
7/17/11Greg Darak
7/21/13Richard Wein
7/22/18Margaret Fleesak

The James Cleary Presentation Award, recognizing the use of non-standard modes of presentation, is awarded for the best presentation of this type delivered at a meeting of the Three Garridebs during the year. This award is a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a multi-colored ribbon.

5/21/95John Russo
7/19/98Warren Randall
7/18/99Ben Vizoskie
7/16/00Marilyn Klatt
7/16/00Warren Randall
7/21/02Paul Singleton
7/21/02Maribeau Briggs
7/09/06Frank Ferry
7/17/11Linda & Harrison Hunt
7/22/12Harrison Hunt
7/21/13Troy Reynolds
7/20/14Tony Czarnecki
7/31/16Paul Astle
7/22/18Troy Reynolds (for 2016-17)
7/22/18Fran Schulz (for 2017-18)

The Michael Leighton Visual Award is given for the best Sherlockian photograph submitted during the year.  The photograph should be recent, but need not be from a Three Garridebs function. This award is a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a black and white ribbon.

5/22/94Warren Randall
7/20/97Maribeau Briggs

The Howard and Alexander Hamilton Award, sometimes known as the HAHA, was instituted in 1998.  It is awarded for the best humorous paper presented at a meeting of the Three Garridebs during the year. This award is a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a pink ribbon.

7/19/98Robert Thomalen
7/16/00Sandy Kozinn
7/21/02Bob Carver
7/13/03Laurie Fraser Manifold
7/13/03Catalina Hannan
7/18/04Paul Astle
7/20/08Art Levine

In 2009, this award was renamed The Dr. Joseph Fink Award.

7/21/13Harrison Hunt
7/22/18Troy Reynolds

The Prescott Prize is given for contributions to our publication, Prescott's Press.

7/21/02Ben Vizoskie
7/21/02Sue Vizoskie
7/13/03Robert Thomalen
7/18/04Joseph Moran
7/17/05Ron Fish
7/09/06Bud Livingston
7/22/07Robert Carver & Arthur Levine
7/20/08Cynthia Wein
7/19/09Sandy Kozinn
7/17/11Susan Rice
7/21/13Harrison Hunt
7/20/14The Three Garridebs
7/26/15Anthony Czarnecki
7/31/16Len Poggiali
7/31/16Troy Reynolds

The Jan Stauber Blue Carbuncle Rubber Goose Award is given annually for the outstanding contribution to the festive spirit of the Three Garridebs Blue Carbuncle Luncheon.   The award in named in honor of Jan and her rubber goose that she danced around to all the tables during our Sherlockian caroling at the Blue Carbuncle luncheon each year.  This award was inaugurated in 2005 in memory of Jan Stauber who passed beyond the Reichenbach on October 7, 2005.

12/18/05     Sandy Kozinn
7/22/07Warren Randall
7/20/08Peter McIntyre 
7/19/09Mike Berdan
7/18/10Greg Darak
7/17/11Warren Randall
7/22/12Lorraine & Anthony Czarnecki
7/21/13Ira Eliasoph
7/20/14Carol Fish
7/26/15Eileen & Paul Hartnett
7/31/16Lorraine & Anthony Czarnecki
7/22/18Sara Schepis (for 2016-17)
7/22/18Sue Vizoskie (for 2017-18)

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP.  The first honorary membership in The Three Garridebs was conferred in 2009.  The certificate includes a direction that the honorary membership be filed under an entry in the Encylopaedia Britannica.

7/19/09        Christopher Redmond
      filed under "Canadian Pacific Railway"
7/17/11 Olga Hurley
filed under "Queen Victoria"
7/17/11 Thomas Hurley
filed under "Victoria Cross"

A special award was commissioned in late 2000.  It was awarded to Steve Tolins in recognition of his fifteen years of service as quiz-master.  This award is a medal bearing the likeness of the Master suspended from a green ribbon.

This award was also presented to three Garridebs on July 21, 2013:

Warren Randall for publishing Prescott's Press
Ron Fish for being the scion's Webmaster
Will Walsh for following in Steve's footsteps as Quizmaster